What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?


There are several different types of insurance policies that provide financial relief when the policyholder passes away. However, the sheer multitude of policies available can be confusing for newcomers. In particular, indexed universal life insurance (IUL) is one of the least understood. Nevertheless, this kind of policy offers many benefits for the holder and can…

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Is Assisted Living Covered by Health Insurance?


The United States, like many other developed nations, has seen an increase in elderly citizens. As a result, demand for assisted living and other forms of elder care has increased significantly in recent years. This trend is sure to continue, and it has many families wondering how to pay for assisted living. Health insurance may…

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Not all life Insurance policies are created the same. Traditional life Insurance policies only allow you to get the proceeds when a person dies. We use carriers that not only pay upon death, but also allow access to the death benefit while the insured is alive. Having access to the policy proceeds while alive can…

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