Not all life Insurance policies are created the same. Traditional life Insurance policies only allow you to get the proceeds when a person dies. We use carriers that not only pay upon death, but also allow access to the death benefit while the insured is alive. Having access to the policy proceeds while alive can in most cases prevent a financial catastrophe if the person cannot work. Policies with living benefits allow access to the death benefit if the person has a life changing event, i.e. critical illness, chronic illness or critical injury.

Finding the right major medical health insurance coverage for you, family or business can be challenging. It can be confusing if you don’t know how health insurance works. We explain all the details to help you make the right choice. Whether it’s a hmo or ppo plan, high deductible or low deductible plan our job is to help find the one that fits your lifestyle and most definitely your budget. Having a licensed and skilled agent that you can call on is important when trying to pick a plan for your needs. We’ve been serving our clients for almost 10yrs.

We offer insurance plans that would cover the owner/partnership in the event that one or the other becomes disabled or dies. We help explain how putting this in place would help the company survive the blow of losing the person who makes the business work. The company can use the insurance proceeds for expenses or debts until a replacement or a resolution is found.


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